The Team

Based in the United Kingdom, our team of engineers has 100 years of combined experience in the power electronics field. Based in Birmingham Science park, Petalite are on the forefront of fast charging technology with the IP for commercially ready safer supercharging.

Leigh Purnell – CEO

Leigh is the founder and C.E.O of Petalite. He worked for GE for the several years before starting his first company. He has also been on expeditions around the globe which has led him to write a book, blogs and magazine articles about them, Leigh also does public speaking at various events.

Dr Stavros Pressas – CTO

Dr Stavros Pressas is Petalite’s C.T.O and prior to him joining the team he worked on his own company NSE Ltd in Greece for 15 years. His technical experience and his research interests are mostly focused on the design & manufacturing of equipment and systems on the following areas:

High Switching Frequency Power Supplies
Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems for off-the-grid electrification
Power Electronic Converters
Battery Management Systems
Gen-Set Fuel Saving Systems
Smart Grids

Jason Harrison – Head of Engineering Operations

Jason joined Petalite in 2015 and quickly his talents were known to the team, he has since become an integral part of Petalite’s Management as this section of the business becomes more important due to scaling of Petalite. With over a decade in I.T and Project Management related roles, Jason is fit for the task.

Irfan Yusoff – Analogue Power Systems Engineer

After joining in 2015, Irfan soon became the bridge between the Analogue and Digital aspects of Petalite’s technology, with previous positions in ON Semiconductor and Malaysia Airlines, he has a wealth of knowledge to bring to Petalite.

Tristan Fleet – Digital Control Engineer

Tristan has been in charge of Digital to Analogue control of the charging systems – digital charger integration is key to switching control of the Petalite S.D.C system. Tristan’s previous position in Imagination Technologies lined him up for this role

Robert Woodward – Digital Communications Engineer

Robert has been involved in the core development of communications network between charger and battery, this involves parallel control of 1,000’s of chargers simultaneously

Dean Redfern – Computer Engineer

Dean is 4 years post grad with 3 years embedded application and firmware development in C/C++ across a wide variety of projects and technologies. For the past year he’s been working on Server side & application development using C#, SQL Server and WCF. Dean also has a good grasp of Python & other linux tech

Dimitrios Pressas – Engineering

Dimitrios joined Petalite in July 2018 after graduating in Electrical Engineering

Adrian Platt – Finance Associate

Adrian is in control of the finances for both investment and grant funding.