Petalite have several products to enable the advanced analysis features that the SDC Supercharging can offer. These products are avalible in either a turn-key solution or through licensing. For more information please contact Petalite using the button below.

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12 – 48 Volt Charger

Petalite’s 6 – 48 volt technology┬áis the next step in the technology development road map, new system modules are required to be developed to work with the wave charging technology created by Petalite. This includes a innovative battery management system and communications protocol from scratch. the core technology is estimated to be completed before the end of 2017 and Petalite are currently in talks with O.E.M’s to begin integration into their hardware.

Please contact us for information regarding the fast charging of your products.

Designed for High Power

Flyback technology is traditionally limited to approx 250 watts due to the size and costs of the high voltage input capacitors. Petalite technology does not requiring these costly components expanding the capabilities of Flyback topology beyond 1kW and paralleled for multi kW applications.

Rapid Transport Charging

The requirement of the transportation industry for fast charging has lead Petalite to focus on fast charging personal transportation in 2018. This includes fast charge integration of electric bikes, scooters, wheelchairs and other small personal transportation products with charge times of lest than 15 minutes.

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750 Volt Train Charging

The Petalite 750V high capacity technology is currently being developed in conjunction with Innovate UK, The UK Department for Transport and our partner, Vivarail. A scale deployment of our battery charging system will be avalible at the beginning of 2019.

This system is designed to fast charge an electric commuter train at a rate of 4.5MW over just 15 minutes for 80% charge.

Designed for Rapid Deployment

Our battery shed technology provides a platform to deploy retrofit designs in existing stations that might not have the necessary grid supply; with a customised charge profile based on scheduling we are able to maximise the charging potential of each station. This is based around the third rail 750v DC standard

Highly Configurable

Once complete, our system will be able to scale from 50kW to 4.5MW depending on the train station capabilities; we also provide battery shed products where the stationary battery is trickle charged at 120kW while the train is not in the station, then power is dumped to the train when it is in the station at up to 4.5MW.

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EV Charging Technology

Petalite will be moving into the full E.V field within the next 12-18 months, stations will be configurable for normal D.C or S.D.C supercharging depending on customer requirements. The Petalite E.V Supercharging will revolutionise the vehicle charging market with a truly replacement system compared to existing Half-Bridge and Full-Bridge based designs.


  • A CHAdeMO and CCS standard compliant
  • 30% Lower B.O.M = Significantly Lower cost and higher M.T.B.F
  • No high voltage aluminium capacitors = Higher Temperature Durability
  • High Power Factor Correction = extremely important for power providers
  • True single stage design = No PFC stage provides higher efficiency
  • High Efficiency = predicted >94% efficiency at deployment
  • Can be easily paralleled = fully scaled 20kW – 460kW
  • Lower lifetime cost = Higher durability and Paralleled design means less downtime
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