Petalite: Reinventing the Electric Vehicle Charging Industry – Capital Raise

This page is for investors interested in a cleantech opportunity for electric vehicle charging. This current investment round will be closing in January 2020

Petalite are formally launching the latest Petalite capital raise, summary details on the raise are below and introduction decks at the bottom of this page

For contact details please refer to the pitch deck below:

Company Summary

  • What: Electric Vehicle patented charging hardware sold to vehicle charging network operators and OEMs
  • Market Size: $38bn of charger sales each year
  • Rev Model: Hardware sales (£51m by 2024) including significant profit margins (min 50%)
  • Addressable Opportunity: 4 charger operators with combined sales pipelines of charging hardware of $1.48bn in 2019/20
  • Problem: Chargers are expensive and unreliable with short warranty periods (5 years)
  • Solution: Petalites extensive IP portfolio allows it to manufacture significantly cheaper and more reliable chargers with 4x longer life
  • Who: Strong engineering Management, Board, Advisors and Investors are who’s who of, EV, charging operator, energy, engineering, infrastructure, and industrial commercialisation
  • This is not an R&D investment: Commercialisation and First hardware sales expected in Q4’20
  • Traction: Integration and pilot project already successful in a £1m electric train project
  • High acquisitive market: ChargePoint valuation is $1bn and Chargemaster was sold for £130m in the past 3 years
  • IP: Petalite has had independent audits on its IP portfolio and technology
  • Detailed documents and deck available post NDA – please contact below

Thank You,

Leigh Purnell
Founder & CEO
Int: +44 (0) 330 120 0558