About Us

Petalite Limited was founded in April 2014 in Birmingham, UK, to develop technologies to reduce the recharge time of portable electronics. Petalite have developed technology and intellectual property for production ready systems to supercharge batteries to 100% in under 15 minutes. The technology is 4x faster than leading battery system competitors, saving time, an extremely valuable asset to the customer.


Petalite’s long term goal is to bring its fast charging technology to all portable batteries including vehicles and portable power supplies; to keep core IP and development costs to a minimum Petalite decided to utilise Petalite’s intellectual property portfolio to create the Single Cell charging system first. Petalite built the external battery charger technology to solve a clear issue with mobile phones, the convenience when charging.

Smartphones take an average of 2 hours per day to charge to 100%, equivalent to over 56 days connected to a wall during a typical 2 year phone contract.

Portable external batteries exist but take hours to recharge once flat; with 15 minute charging you save 49 days of tethered wall charging throughout the life of your phone.