About Us

Petalite was started in 2014 to address the technology gap in high speed, high power electrical charging that exists. The current charging technology is low powered, expensive and has a short lifetime cost. Over the past four years Petalite has focused on developing a patent pending charging platform for a revolutionary new way of charging batteries, Sinusoidal Direct Current (SDC) charging, which addresses all of the shortfalls of the current charging technology. Although, there have been huge advances in battery tech in the past decade, the charging electronics are faced with some challenges that need to be addressed:

      • Costly – Multi-Stage hardware creates high charger cost
        Slow – Low Power due to high charger costs
        Shorter Lifetime – Typical 5-7 year warranties are too short for ROI
        Lack of data – impedes diagnosis
        Unreliable – Current chargers require higher service intervals
        De-rated – Temperature restrictions require expensive cooling

    Our solution is a simple one:

    To change the fundamental charging architecture in order to unlock faster, longer lasting and cheaper chargers to maximise ROI

    “Our vision is to reinvent the EV industry by creating a technology that is cost efficient & more reliable. We see a world where every electronic vehicle is supercharged by our technology”