Active Balancing

Petalite’s impressive achievements in battery health and reliability are due to the special “Active Battery Management System” which Petalite developed as an integral part of the Off Grid battery systems.

This surprising behaviour of the batteries in Off Grid battery systems shows that the battery is the only wearable, the most expensive and the most delicate component in a Lead Acid Off Grid system.

The key points to look out for in regards to battery management of batteries is:

-System reliability

-Remarkable battery replacement cost reduction

-The enhanced performance of batteries systems through active battery management

-The absence of commercial active battery management systems

Petalite created  the Active Battery Management to offer it to the other manufacturers and integrators of diesel-battery systems as a standalone Battery management system

Double the life of Cells

The Active BMS modules are mounted on the cells. Each cell module serves two adjacent cells. It includes for each cell high accuracy measurement circuits for the detection of its electrical and thermal conditions (for SOC evaluation) and also a high efficiency 2-way converter (charger/discharger) to perform, whenever necessary, charge exchange as scheduled by the central unit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can S.D.C Supercharging damage the cell?

SDCS allows the battery to request the maximum power based on the battery health, utilising 100% of the cell potential and not stressing the cell beyond its chemical capabilities. This is opposite to traditional charging that supply the maximum power then wait for a reaction from the cell via slow heat and voltage.

Does S.D.C Supercharging use specialist hardware?

All hardware used in the S.D.C Supercharging system is already being mass produced through several manufacturers, meaning that quick adoption and large scale-ups are achievable without concerns of supply chain issues. Petalite also use a license based model which means OEM’s can control their supply chain.

Is S.D.C Supercharging technology ready for integration?

Petalite’s core technology has been fully developed and tested in labs using current mass produced components. Meaning it is ready to integrate today into new and existing product lines; once agreements have been signed the typical time frame is 8-12 months for product integration, lining up with typical hardware development time scales.

What battery chemistry can be used with S.D.C Supercharging?

S.D.C Supercharging is able to work with the lithium-ion based family of cells for fast charging and has currently been tested on LiFePo4 cells for 15 minute charging currents. Lead Acid cells are also able to be used for cell health monitoring but will not fast charge.

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