The Future of Charging

Petalite have invented a portfolio of technologies to bring safer and faster battery charging into 2019. Including safer supercharging of batteries with SDC Supercharging, to  online detection of internal cell impedance through our Advanced Battery Management System. 

The Patent Pending charger design is a true Single Stage Battery Charger, which means fewer components (no Boost Inductor, no High Voltage Electrolytic Capacitors, no Blocking Diode, no PFC Controller, no PFC Power MOSFET) resulting to Lower Cost, Higher Reliability, Higher Efficiency, Higher Power Density.

All firmware and hardware design is developed in house, resulting in no off the shelf 'black boxes'  and enabling inherent connectivity in the modern world. Our systems come with IOT integration and power electronics machine learning. Petalite have a solution integration ready for your customer needs today

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“External chargers are handy, but remembering to charge them up can be a pain.
Petalite seeks to solve that by making a battery that can charge in just 15 minutes”Andrew Williams, TechRadar, 2015

SDC Supercharging

Petalite's key technology is Sinusoidal D.C. Supercharging (SDC Supercharging), this innovation enables the charging hardware to have an advanced feedback loop between the battery and the charger, with the battery having ultimate control and safety of the charging rate.

S.D.C Supercharging

SDC Advanced BMS

Petalite can check the safety of each cell every half a second during the entire charging cycle. The SDC technology can detect faults before the heat builds up in the cell; this is in comparison to traditional protection systems which are delayed by several seconds.

SDC Safety
“What if you can charge your stuff in just 15 minutes? That would be amazing, right?
Well the people behind Petalite thought the same and created the world’s fastest charging external battery.”Kristie Bertucci, Gadget Review, Aug 2015.

Advanced Sensing and Monitoring

Designing chargers from the component level upwards means that Petalite are able to integrate the latest in IOT technology, creating a new condition monitoring and customer service model unprecedented in power electronics. Petalite are also able to customise hardware based on customer requirements.

Battery Asset Management

World Class Battery Analysis  and Feedback

Next level battery analysis and feedback provides Petalite with the ability to provide 'Big Data' advantages with their technology, with unprecedented Customer service model and Asset Management capabilities.

I.O.T & Machine Learning

Battery Condition Monitoring

Petalite's are able to identify and replace bad cells early in the life-cycle creating a highly effective customer service model for battery deployments, replacing products in the field without the 'reactive' approach of previous customer service models

Battery Condition Monitoring

Active Balancing & Cell Care

Some customers have a requirement for Condition Monitoring and Extending Cell life beyond manufacturer specifications. Petalite have a range of field proven technologies that work with Lead Acid and Nickel based cell installations to monitor and extend battery life for off grid applications such as isolated cell phone towers.

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