We are Petalite.

We create solutions for your 15 minute fast charging needs

Who we are.

Based in the United Kingdom our team of engineers has hundreds of years of combined experience in the power electronics field. Based in Birmingham Science park, Petalite are on the forefront of fast charging technology with the IP for commercially ready 15 minute charging.

Leigh Purnell


Dr Stavros Pressas

Chief Technology Officer

Dr Opus Igobo

Lead Electronics Engineer

Mina Varno PhD

Battery Specialist

Irfan Yusoff

Analogue Systems Engineer

Jason Harrison

Digital Systems Engineer

Dennis Zheng

Business Development Director – Petalite Asia

Bryan Wu

Operations Director – Petalite Asia


Our engineers will initially design and evaluate your application and give you options for your fast charging needs.


We will then design the battery pack, charger and power connector based on your requirements.


Petalite then operate a very simple licensing system where the only components you purchase off Petalite is our MCU and sign a simple licensing agreement, meaning you control your supply chain and BOM.


The nature of Petalite's technology means that it is safe and easily scalable using existing components already in mass production.

How we work.

1 We take the orginal product and datasheet and decompose the product down to its most basic functionality. We then have a dedicated team who work on the options for you to pick from for a design fee and at the end provide options with varying prices, charge times and battery capacities for you to choose.

2 From your selection we then create a working prototype for 15 minute charging to prove that the technology works in your product. This moves us from the original design phase into the commercialisation phase and where we begin to discuss the licensing options.

3 We then work with your existing product design team to incorporate our fast charging technology into your product within a minimum time frame and minimum cost for tooling. We can then co-ordinate manufacturing, production and licensing for mass manufacturing within 8-12 months.